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Also by MKZ

American Ending is out June 2023. Pre-order today right here.

American Ending is narrated by Yelena, the first American born to her Old Believer Russian Orthodox parents, who are building a life in a Pennsylvania Appalachian town in the first decades of the twentieth century. Here, boys quit school for the coal mines, and girls are married off at fourteen, only to give birth to more babies than they can feed. Yelena craves a different path. Will she find the American Ending she imagines, or will a dreaded Russian ending be her fate?



"Gorgeous. In Yelena's clear-eyed telling, in her honesty and love, every painful obstacle to attaining that intractable American promise of a better life is made unique—wholly fresh and achingly believable. Oh, and the food!"

Alice McDermott, author of The Ninth Hour

Man Alive! is available from your favorite bookseller or order here.

Man Alive! All it takes is a quarter to change pediatric psychiatrist Dr. Owen Lerner's life. When the coin he's feeding into a parking meter is struck by lightning, Lerner survives, except that now all he wants to do is barbecue. That bolt of lightning that lifts Lerner into the air sends the entire Lerner clan into free fall in this book, which depicts family-on-family pain with generosity and devastating humor, exploring how much we are each allowed to change within a family―and without. 



"A family novel for smart people. What makes this book so terrific? Mostly, it's Zuravleff's masterful use of language, particularly dialogue."

—The Washington Post

The Bowl Is Already Broken can be yours if you click this link.


The Bowl Is Already Broken is a calamitous, generous novel set in a Smithsonian-ish museum in Washington, DC. Promise Whittaker, the acting director of the National Museum of Asian Art, is pregnant again, and that's just the start of her troubles. The previous director resigned suddenly and headed out to the Taklamakan Desert. Her favorite curator has dropped a Chinese porcelain down the museum's marble stairs. Another colleague, desperate for a son, has embezzled museum funds to pay for fertility treatments. And her handsome, elusive ancillary director is clearly up to no good. What could she save if she tried—and how hard should she try?



"A tart, affectionate satire of the museum world."

—New York Times


The Frequency of Souls is on tap here!

The Frequency of Souls is a novel of love, electricity, and life after death. Starring George Mahoney, a refrigerator designer gone stale, and the unforgettable Niagara Spense, who sees electricity as a mysterious animating force.




"The best short comic novel ever written about refrigerator designers with psychic powers."

—Misc Media